A Dreamy Tahoe Wedding: Megan & Bryan's Unforgettable Week-Long Celebration

A Dreamy Tahoe Wedding

In the heart of South Lake Tahoe, Megan and Bryan wedding was not just a ceremony; it was a week-long extravaganza that redefined the concept of a lakeside wedding. Jenn Robirds, the visionary behind the magic, shared with us the intimate details into the creative process for this of this captivating journey. From boat days with the bridal party to a welcome party at the Tahoe Beach Club and the grand wedding on the 17th Green at the Edgewood Resort, every moment was designed to create memories that would last a lifetime.

Crafting the Vision:

For her wedding day, Megan always knew she wanted a sailcloth tent in South Lake Tahoe - a special location for her family and is home to many happy memories. While the location was certain, the design and decor and color theory wasn’t defined until they collaborated and brainstormed to refine the vision. And thus began a creative journey for Jenn and her team, designing an event that would define Megan and Bryan's special day.

Planning Timeline:

The wedding planning process spanned approximately 16 months, showcasing the dedication and meticulous planning required to bring such a grand vision to life. Every detail, from logistics to design, was carefully considered to ensure a flawless execution.

Beyond Aesthetics:

For the couple, the heartbeat of the celebration lay in the guest experience. The love for family-style meal service wasn't just a choice; it reflected their desire to infuse warmth and connection into every moment, creating an atmosphere and celebration that was more intimate and memorable.

Overcoming Challenges:

The remote location posed unique challenges, requiring strategic logistics management for guest transportation. Additionally, the iconic golf course setting demanded careful consideration of load in/out timing. Planning for back-of-house design, prioritized in the layout design phase, ensured a seamless experience for the guests.

Merri: Bringing Dreams to Life in 3D:

Jenn and her team discovered Bemerri.com partway through the planning process, enhancing the couple's experience. Megan and Bryan witnessed their original floor plan transform into a practically life-like rendering. The 3D tool not only solidified their vision but also served as a valuable tool for showcasing potential furniture upgrades and inspiring inventory additions.

Memorable Moments:

Beyond the visual spectacle, two moments stood out for the Jenn Robirds team. Megan's tranquil morning visit to the tent, pre-hair and makeup, allowed for a unique and relaxed experience to witness the vision coming to life. The grand finale, with the band's horn section leading a parade of guests as a spectacular exit, added a playful and unforgettable touch to the celebration.

Megan and Bryan's Tahoe wedding, brought to life with the expertise of Jenn Robirds and the innovative tools from Merri, showcased the power of collaboration, meticulous planning, and the ability to turn dreams into a breathtaking reality, it was a narrative of love, laughter, and lakeside splendor. In the heart of South Lake Tahoe, a week-long celebration became a timeless story etched in the memories of all who attended—a story that Megan, Bryan, and their guests will carry in their hearts for a lifetime.

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