Meet Certified Wedding Planner Society

Meet Certified Wedding Planner Society

Meet Certified Wedding Planner Society, CWP

In the dynamic world of weddings, where every detail counts and every moment are cherished, partnerships that enhance the industry's capabilities are invaluable. One such partnership that's making waves is between Merri, a leading event planning software, and the Certified Wedding Planner (CWP) Society, a renowned organization dedicated to empowering wedding professionals. Let's dive into the details of this exciting collaboration through a series of questions and answers.

1. What is CWP Society?

The CWP Society stands as a beacon for wedding planners, professionals, venues, and church teams within the wedding industry. It offers a FREE Pro Membership to all industry members, providing access to a wealth of resources and networking opportunities. Additionally, CWP Society offers various certification programs to help professionals elevate their credentials and skills. These certifications include Wedding Planner Certification, Wedding Design Consultant Certification, Styled Shoot Coordinator Certification, Master Certified Wedding Planner Certification, Wedding Ministry Team Certification for church staff, Timeline Genius Certification, and the upcoming Floor Plan Certification, presented in collaboration with Merri and slated for release in 2024.

Through its Pro Membership, CWP Society delivers monthly educational content aimed at fostering growth, enhancing reputation, and expanding service offerings within the wedding industry.

2. What is your background and how did CWP Society come to life?

The visionary behind CWP Society is a seasoned wedding planner who embarked on her journey in July 1993. Her unique approach to wedding planning, rooted in integrity, personalized experiences, and a commitment to excellence, propelled her business to success. Over the years, she noticed a growing demand for mentorship and professional development among wedding planners. This led her to transform her one-on-one mentoring into a comprehensive certification program, laying the foundation for CWP Society.

Driven by a passion for creating a supportive community and offering continuous education without financial barriers, she introduced the groundbreaking "Lifetime FREE Membership" that has since evolved into a thriving network of over 8,000 planners and numerous wedding professionals worldwide. The ethos of education, collaboration, love, and community forms the cornerstone of CWP Society's philosophy.

3. How do you partner with Merri, and why did you want to become a Merri partner?

The partnership between CWP Society and Merri is rooted in a shared commitment to excellence and innovation within the wedding industry. CWP Society's rigorous selection process for partnerships ensures that recommendations are based on genuine value and merit, devoid of any self-serving motives.

Upon learning about Merri's cutting-edge event planning software and its array of tools designed to streamline workflows and enhance client experiences, CWP Society was impressed. The "fly-over" feature, allowing clients to virtually walk through their event setups, stood out as a game-changer. Comparing Merri to other software options, CWP Society recognized Merri's superiority and saw immense potential for wedding planners to elevate their services and presentations.

Partnering with Merri was a natural choice, driven by a mutual desire to empower wedding professionals with innovative solutions that enhance their capabilities and elevate the overall industry standards.

4. What is your favorite thing about Merri?

For CWP Society, Merri's "fly-over" feature represents a priceless gift in event planning. The ability to design and visualize a couple's wedding day within the software, complete with immersive walk-through experiences, is unparalleled. However, Merri's appeal extends far beyond this standout feature. From showcasing meal choices to creating mood boards, presenting multiple design options, streamlining quote requests to rental companies, and providing an intuitive event dashboard for clients, Merri offers a comprehensive suite of tools that empower wedding planners at every stage of their workflow.

5. How can people get in touch with you and learn more about what you offer?

To explore the vast offerings of CWP Society, visit their website at Connect with them on social media platforms using @cwpsociety. For direct inquiries or to learn more about their programs and membership, email during office hours from Monday to Friday, 10 am to 4 pm ET.

The partnership between Merri and CWP exemplifies a shared vision of excellence, education, and empowerment within the wedding industry. By leveraging innovative tools and fostering collaborative communities, they are not just shaping individual careers but elevating the entire landscape of wedding planning and execution.

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